Sunday, September 20, 2020

Many changes


Hello all,

We wanted to let you know of some changes that we have made in our Operation.  With the effects of covid and the closing of shows this year it has been a rough year for everyone. 

Now, looking forward to 2021, if large shows/events are allowed, how many people will be cautious and stay home?

We have made the decision to not do any more art shows.  The reality of it was that we were only doing 3 indoor shows per year.  I must say that this was a very hard decision.   We loved doing the shows, having our regular customers stop by and helping them, was truly a highlight because we have the greatest customers in the world.   

So here is what we are doing.   All of our images are on our website and we are offering them with special discounts to clear out our stock.  So how do you get these special discounts?

·        Go to our website,

·        Click on Gallery and then on Gallery details.

·        At the top of the page is “how to order”

·        Then click on “Gallery” to go back to our gallery page to review all photos that are listed.

·        When you find what you like, make note of the name number and the size you want. 

·        Send an email to: and let us know what you want.  Do not order from the website because discounts can not be applied and shipping can get a little crazy with multiple items. 

·        Items ordered will be confirmed that they are in stock and an invoice will be sent to you with correct shipping tax and discount. 

·        The discounts are as follows:

·        Buy 2 photos, get 10% off total price of photos

·        Buy 3 photos, get 20%

·        Buy 4 photos, get 30%

·        Buy 5 or more photos, get 40%

Framed pieces are in limited supply, 

This only applies to items in stock. 

This special clearance will run through December 1 or while supplies last.

This is the time to start on your shopping list and save a lot of money in the process.   

Thank you to all our customers, friends and family for your support.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Some Photo assignments

This past weekend we did the portrait shoot at the beautiful historic Banta house on the museum campus in Arlington Heights IL. This home was built in 1908 and is truly a work of art. Attached is a photo showing the decorations and tree that was set up. On either side of the fireplace is a window of beautiful stained glass. What a beautiful place to take family portraits for sending Christmas cards to friends and family. We had families every 15 minutes and it was truly a fun time.

A couple of weeks prior to this we were hired by St Viator High School to photograph their Hall of Fame dinner.  Cindy did the photography at that event and her photos were selected for an article in The Daily Herald.  Attached are the photos from that article.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Photo Organization.

A lifetime of memories could spend a lifetime in a box.

Well we thought we would start a regular blog post for your enjoyment.  This will be about your photos.   Yes that is right, YOURS, not ours. 

Remember when you picked up your photos at the local camera counter and looked over those memories.  This made you smile and get that warm fuzzy feeling.  You then took the photos and showed them to your family and friends.   Maybe had some reprints made for them. 

There is probably nothing more rewarding than to look at your own photo memories. 
Now where are they?   All those memories are in a box or album stored away in the basement or the attic. 

When was the last time you looked at them?  

So let’s get those wonderful memories out of storage and make a way to enjoy them today.     How do you do that? (You ask)  You say that this is going to be a big job and you just don’t have time for it or know where to start.   Well we will help you and guide you through the whole process to make this easy as possible. 

Often, the biggest barrier for organizing your photos and memories, is the fact that you have a little bit of everything scattered about your home. So your first step in this series of photo tips, is to hunt for your memories and gather them together in one central location. Here's what to look for....

Photos and Albums
You may have a box of old photos and albums handed down by a family member, or your parents. In upcoming tips, we'll help you tackle this group of important photos and offer suggestions for identifying a timeline.

Video Tapes, Film Reels, Old Media Formats
Many of us captured our family memories on video, and our parents made 8 mm home movies! Movement and sound are a great addition to your family story, and we'll offer solutions for getting older media digitized for viewing. 

Printed Photos
It wasn't that long ago that we took a roll of film to be developed, and got doubles or triples for friends and relatives! Remember the gratification of 1 hour printing? I'll bet you didn't get out of the parking lot, before you opened your pack of photos! We're going to offer some simple ways to get this large group of important photos organized. 

Digital Photos
The digital camera certainly changed the way we take and share images today. People take thousands of images each year now, compared to the film days. Sadly, many of these images are not backed up or sorted for easy retrieval on family computers or mobile devices. In this series we will show you a system for managing the sheer volume of images that sit on your computers and mobile devices. 

So grab a big bag, or a box and start assembling all of the photos, albums, videos and movies.   In our next blog post we will work on starting the sorting process.  Now remember, the way to get this done is not to look at them, just collect them and put them in one location.  J

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We do photo shows

Images by David Kay Ltd makes custom photo shows.  These are shows where we digitize your photos, slides, videos or documents and put them into a photo show, and add music.  It is a way to show your photos like a movie on your TV or computer.  

Some ideas would be, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Life of someone, graduation.   Wonderful for gifts.  Birthdays, Anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, favorite vacation.

See a recent sample below, please click on the link.  Thanks!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Well this past week end we were on the road again, looking for some new images for our fall release.  The above photo was taken on Saturday 5/3/14 while driving in the Effingham IL area.  We enjoy traveling these back roads and seeing the people who are just enjoying the simple life.   

As we drive along, people in their yards wave to us. Just a nice gesture as you pass by. Not only the neighbors wave but other drivers as you pass each other.  We found towns with a population of 100.  We saw homes with wash on the line.  Saturday was a great day, nice and sunny with a nice breeze blowing.  I remember my mom putting wash on the line and can remember the smell of fresh sheets on the bed.  Thinking of putting a clothes line in my back yard.  

We also traveled through Amish country in Arcola and Arthur IL.  Their farms are usually smaller and mostly painted white.  Very well kept.  We want to get some farm photos of their farms and property.  

Also, as we stop along the road we pull off as far as we can so we can take our photos.   As what usually happens while we are taking photos, is other cars on the road will stop to ask if we are ok or need some help.   How nice is that?

We have to share with you an incident that happened on Saturday afternoon.  We heard that there was a wonderful covered bridge in the area.   Well we went to the laptop and found the bridge and instructions on getting to it.    Off we went.   Well of course, we were having difficulty finding the bridge.   In our travels through this one town we found a city park that had a covered bridge in it.  Not the bridge we were looking for, but it was ok.  So we took a few photos of this bridge.   There was a lady at the park and she had her dog with her and was just sitting enjoying the day and reading.    So Cindy asked her if she knew where this bridge was that we were looking for.  Oh she says, I sure do.   "You go down here to the cemetery and follow the road next to the cemetery and then you turn at this spot, don't remember the name of the road."   "Do you know where the cemetery is?"

The bridge in the park.

Our reply of course was "No we do not as we are not from around here"   She then proceeds to say, "well it would be much easier for you to follow me"   She and her dog head to her van and us in our car.   We then follow her and of course after several turns we get to the bridge.   I start thinking that we are glad we have the GPS and hopefully it will find a way to get us back to our hotel.  The lady and her dog stayed with us the whole time we took some photos of the bridge, and then said she would take us back to the park so we can find our way home.  You just can not believe the hospitality of the people in these small towns.   We got back near the city park and she tooted her horn and waved out the window.   We of course tooted and waved back.   I had thought that we would offer to go to the dairy queen for a cone or something but thought that the lady just wanted to get back to her book and enjoy the day.   

We love the small towns and back roads!  We will keep you updated on our back road travels.  Thanks for riding with us.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Latest show

We just finished doing a show in Schaumburg Illinois called Septemberfest.  A wonderful show with a large attendance.  So many of our regular customers and our friends stopped by to say hello, it was great. 

We are now in the process of retiring some images.  You might not be aware, but we only sell a maximum of 50 prints per image and then that image is retired.  We are also working on new images to replace those that are being retired.  We will introduce the new images at our show in Galena IL. 

They will then be available as we go to our indoor shows.   Yes, they will also be available on the web.    If you have not checked lately, we have the same photos that you see at our shows available through our web site. 

Photos can also be special ordered for any size that you would like.  Just contact us for details. 

We look forward to seeing you at our shows or hearing from you via email. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Next show

We are hard at work preparing for our next show.  This is July 28 and 29 in Elgin IL.  We will have all of our latest releases at the show.  We also have some one of a kind pieces that will suit our customers.

Watch this blog for last minute changes.  Should the weather be too hot, we will pass on this show.  This would be for our sake and for the comfort of our wonderful customers. 

Remember, you can always request that we bring our photos to you for a private showing. Invite your friends and we will gladly come to your location.  Also give you some tips on what to look for in Black and White photography.